I Bought a Pair of Second Generation AirPods Pro

I washed my three years old AirPods Pro with my clothes. Technically, it’s only three months old because I had several issues with this product, and Apple replaced it four times in total. The last time it got replaced was three months ago.

This time, these tiny AirPods found themselves in a trip through the cycle of my washing machine, then endured an hour in the dryer. They did turn on after all, but they don’t want to connect to my phone, and there’s some more issue with the microphone.

My Solution to Fix Water Damaged AirPods

My solution is to replace them with a new pair of AirPods because I got tired of the frequent trips to the Apple Store, so I bought the new second-generation Pros.

The new AirPods arrived at my doorstep a few days later, and this new guy has the same design formula as the previous generation. It looks rather dull, but I took some pictures regardless of how it looks.

It’s been three years since I first saw the shiny cases. AirPod cases tend to get scratched on day one. I really hope they can make a matte finish case for consumers because even though I did everything I could to protect it while unboxing, a scratch marred the surface within a literal second.

A Slightly Better Design

I found two design changes that I loved. Let me share these with you.

XS Size Ear Tips

My personal favorite is the addition of the XS ear tips. This small but significant alteration has made a world of difference in user experience.

With the 1st generation AirPods, I had a lot of trouble wearing them for extended periods, not only because the small tips were too big but also because they would often become loose. For example, my facial muscles get pushed upwards when I smile, squeezing my earlobe, and the AirPods will fall out.

However, the new extra small ear tip has been a game-changer for me. It has overcome my issues with the previous tips, allowing the AirPods to stay firmly in place regardless of how much I laugh or smile.

Microphone Placement

Setting personal preferences aside, the change in the placement of the microphones is nice. In the previous generation, the noise-canceling microphone was placed inside the earbud. The microphone, slightly recessed into the earbud, often became a trap for earwax and dead skin cells. This buildup could compromise the microphone’s performance and negatively impact its features like transparency mode and noise cancellation. I regularly cleaned the AirPods using Blu-tac to remove the debris blocking the microphone.

However, in the updated design, the noise-canceling microphone has been relocated to the top of the earbud, which is exposed to the outside. This new placement ensures that the microphone remains free from the accumulation of debris and allows for improved exposure to ambient sound.

Sound Quality

I am not an audiophile but can still appreciate the improved bass quality. I noticed a deeper bass compared to the first-generation AirPods. It made a noticeable difference, especially when listening to rhythm game music that relies heavily on dynamic bass.

I also experimented with the new head-tracked Spatial Audio, but it didn’t suit the genre of rhythm game music. The various instruments were scattered in different directions, and the drums lost their impact as a solid bass element. But for classical, the Spatial Audio feature provided an immersive listening experience that significantly elevated the experience.

Final Thoughts

Other convenient features, such as transparency mode and force controls, have been retained in the second generation of AirPods Pro. Additionally, the sides of the AirPods now support swipe gestures for adjusting the volume, offering a satisfying click feedback with each swipe.

There are many sales around this product. If you’re considering purchasing the AirPods Pro, watch for sales. In my opinion, the hefty $249 price tag is still too high for a product like this.


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