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  • Bought a Pair of AirPods Pro

    2 Weeks ago, a sinking feeling washed over me as I lost my beloved AirPods Pro that had been with me for 3 years. These trusty companions had been faithfully by my side for almost three years, or at least, their various replacements had. Well, I had encountered the infamous sound issues that plagued me […]

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  • Prevent Automatic Backups when Updating iPhone or iPad in Finder

    The title of this post is pretty self-explanatory. When you don’t trust Apple’s over-the-air (OTA) updates, it’s only natural to turn to the Finder on your Mac. However, when you try to update your iPhone or iPad from your Finder, you will notice that they perform automatic backups to your Mac. I made the wrong […]

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  • Genius Bar Replaced My Silicon Case

    I had become accustomed to purchasing the silicone cases that Apple sells for their phones. In the past, I had purchased nearly a dozen of these cases for my iPhone SE, 8, and 11. These cases protected my phones in the past, and they should again. So, when I received my iPhone 13 mini, I […]

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