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  • Remove Items in Allow in the Background

    With macOS Ventura, you can now view which applications are allowed to perform tasks even when they’re not actively running. While this is a useful feature, there’s one limitation: it only allows you to disable background items, not remove them entirely. When you uninstall an application by dragging it to the Trash, the list of […]

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  • Studying Enzyme Activity with Zymography

    In a previous post, I talked about immunostaining and touched on the principles and procedures of Western blotting, a technique that is widely used to quantify protein expression. Now, let’s turn our attention to another powerful molecular tool that is often employed in research laboratories: zymography. Distinct from Western blotting, this technique allows for the […]

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  • Quantifying Protein with Indirect Immunostaining

    Recently, I’ve been working as a research assistant in a lab and finally came across the technique of Western blot. I didn’t have any training on this technique because I didn’t take molecular biology lab in my undergraduate career, so I had to learn it on the spot. I decided to write this blog post […]

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  • Setting Up QIIME 2 with Docker

    QIIME 2 is an open-source bioinformatics software package that allows researchers to analyze and visualize microbiota, particularly those derived from high-throughput DNA sequencing technologies. It is an essential tool for studying the composition, diversity, and function of the microbiota, and has been widely used in practice.

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  • Colony PCR: A Powerful Tool for Yeast Analysis

    Yeast colony PCR is a variation of the colony PCR technique that is used to amplify DNA from a single yeast colony. Like regular colony PCR, yeast colony PCR involves transferring a single colony of yeast to a PCR tube, adding PCR buffer, primers, and other reagents, and then running the reaction in a thermal […]

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