Fanmade Collection

Collection Overview

My fanmade levels aim to evoke the essence created by lowiro’s official game designers, placing emphasis on gameplay elements over visual aesthetics.

© lowiro

Other Levels

A journey marked by the pursuit of harmonious balance between music and game mechanics.

Through attentive testing and iteration, I strive to seek the delicate balance between challenge and enjoyment, making each level unforgettable, and enticing players to return to them time and time again.

Bilibili Playlist

Videos on Bilibili are arranged by difficulty, then chronologically from older charts to most recent charts. When you click on a video from a PC browser, a sidebar on the right will show a list of videos.

YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel contains most of my charting works since June 2022. Works earlier than June 2022 were removed due to personal reasons.

* Some levels in my channel are collaboration with other charters.

Other Notable Collaborations