Useful Numbers for Various Cell Culture Dishes

There are many different sizes of dishes and flasks that we use for cell culture in our lab. It’s very important to know the surface area and volumes of media or reagents to add. Since we are using the Nunc™ Cell-Culture plates, I copied and pasted some useful numbers from ThermoFisher website.

Surface area (cm2)Seeding density*Cells at confluency*Trypsin (mL of 0.05% trypsin, 0.53 mM EDTA).Growth medium (mL)

35mm8.80.3 x 1061.2 x 10612
60mm21.50.8 x 1063.2 x 10635
100mm56.72.2 x 1068.8 x 106512
150mm1455.0 x 10620.0 x 1061030
Culture plates

6-well9.60.3 x 1061.2 x 10611 to 3
12-well3.50.1 x 1060.5 x 1060.4 to 11 to 2
24-well1.90.05 x 1060.24 x 1060.2 to 0.30.5 to 1.0
48-well1.10.03 x 1060.12 x 1060.1 to 0.20.2 to 0.4
96-well0.320.01 1060.04 x 1060.05 to 0.10.1 to 0.2




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